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Classic Pools with Skimmer

We make pools with skimmer for everyday use

Diamant Prestige Line

New generation of pool enclosures

Pool Enclosures

We also supply quality pool enclosures in various designs

Overflow Pools

We make overflow pools featuring minimalist design



Enjoy summer with your family! We manufacture pools tailored to your requirements. Shape, materials, placement, and type of the steps tailored to your exact wishes. Unique design of pool coping made from aluminium and stainless steel!!

Diamant pools

The outstanding quality of our pools is the result of many years of development and ongoing efforts to maximise the degree of innovation.

We do our best to adjust the Diamant pools to meet the customer’s requirements. We are able to manufacture pools tailored to the required pool dimensions and shape. We offer a selection of pool types and colours, locations and types of steps and a wide variety of accessories and features. Naturally, the pool is then equipped with such water treatment technology which fits best with the customer’s priorities and wishes.

Classic Pools with Skimmer

Perfect Family Garden Pool

The pools with skimmer are definitely the most popular type of pools. While making our pools we keep your comfort in mind. During the production, the pool can be fitted with a design and functional top coping so you no longer have to worry about this technical detail.

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Overflow Pools

Pools with overflow drain

Thanks to their precision and exclusive design, the Diamant pools with an overflow rim are a very frequent choice for interior constructions. NBut it is not merely about the first-rate design. Thanks to their design removing and filtering the debris evenly along the entire pool perimeter, the overflow pools are very efficient in terms of water quality maintenance. Therefore, they are also used in public facilities and commercial establishments.

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Get the most out of your pool. More efficient, less expensive, and with no need to conform to the weather.

Diamant Prestige line

Contemporary modern design

Contemporary modern design and ambitious feature. The new generation of pool enclosures with cutting-edge and pure design. Very easy to open due to high degree of stability, discreet and almost invisible. One-side track cares for a comfortable acces to Your pool from three sides.

The discrete PRESTIGEline enclosure won’t disrupt the layout of your garden and will harmoniously blend in with surroundings.

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True classics

Get the most out of your pool. More efficient, less expensive, and with no need to conform to the weather. Our wide range of shapes and colour options will ensure that the enclosure blends in with your garden.

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Our Pools

We produced and realized more than 10,000 pools of different types and shapes across Europe.


Years in Business

We have been working in the field for 25 years and it is a guarantee of the quality and satisfaction of our customers.


Constructed Enclosures

In over 2500 cases, we have helped make the most of the pool potential every season.


Constructed Hot Tubs

Already over 1,000 customers have let us supply professional quality whirlpools to improve their wellness area.

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