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Stainless steel 316L

Stainless steel 316L

The future built on stainless steel

The high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel used for Diamant INOXline swimming pools offers a whole range of excellent production options and guarantees long lifespan, maximum stability and durability. The steel known as “Austenitic stainless steel” is an alloy of several metals, such as chromium, nickel, carbon and molybdenum. It is a multifunctional material that gives the pool a fresh, luxurious and modern look and is an ideal choice for outdoor use. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel, its easy maintenance and pleasing appearance make it an ideal base material for pool use. In addition, it is 100% recyclable. It excels in reduced maintenance costs and guarantees easy operation without loss of quality.

Modern, exclusive and clean design

Admired not only for the unique properties of the stainless steel itself, but also for its avant-garde elegance and luster, the stainless steel pool is preferred where high importance is placed on aesthetics. Thanks to its neutral color, it can be harmoniously integrated into any environment.

Long service life without loss of quality

Durability and long life are key features when choosing pool materials; and stainless steel is a safe bet for durability. Stainless steel also excels in strength; it is resistant to damage by impact and distortion and will last for many years like new when it is correctly maintained.

Hygienic, smooth and non-porous surface with antibacterial effects

The surface of stainless steel is smooth and non-porous. Not without reason, stainless steel is the number one material where hygiene has the highest priority and makes it an ideal candidate for raising hygiene standards. Very smooth surfaces effectively prevent contamination from microorganisms and at the same time facilitate cleaning.

Furthermore, modern research has shown that metal ions have a positive effect in suppressing and destroying bacteria and do not harm the human body.

Color fastness and high mechanical and thermal resistance

Stainless steel is extremely resistant to UV radiation, frost and high temperature. It is able to withstand temperatures above 300 ° C and does not change its color or structure even under long exposure to sunlight.

It is also characterized by a high limit of elasticity, making it popular for its anti-seismic properties. Its great advantage is very good corrosion resistance to saline solutions and animal products and its supreme advantage, as already described, is its strength.

Easy maintenance and low cost operation

On the surface of stainless steel there is a so-called ‘passive layer’ (or "self-healing surface"), which prevents oxidation and keeps the surface of the walls and bottom of the pool the same for decades. Thanks to this smooth surface and its characteristics, it is very easy to clean and therefore guarantees easy and trouble-free maintenance. The required frequency and cost of cleaning stainless steel are lower compared to many other surfaces.

Easy maintenance and low cost operation

The use of stainless steel for pools is innovative, but not a new solution. Commercial stainless steel pools and hot tubs have been manufactured for many years and have proven to be a practical alternative to swimming pools made of other materials. Countless stainless steel pools have been providing trouble-free and maintenance-free service for decades, demonstrating the material's excellent durability and luxury appearance. Lifespan, aesthetic appearance, lifelong profitable investment, practicality and durability are key factors for both the present and the future of homes and gardens.

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