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Modern Diamant PRESTIGEline pool cover

  • 2. october 2023

The Diamant PRESTIGEline pool cover is engineered to match the trends of modern architecture, enhancing the aesthetics of any garden without disrupting its layout. This high-end enclosure features a single rail on one side, providing barrier-free access from three sides and requiring minimal effort due to its substantial and stable construction.

Key Features and Advantages of the Diamant PRESTIGEline Enclosure:

  • Sophisticated Design: Our enclosure blends seamlessly with outdoor environments, complementing contemporary architectural styles with its sleek, unobtrusive appearance.
  • Effortless accessibility: Equipped with a single-rail system, the PRESTIGEline offers easy access, promoting a functional and open pool area.
  • Superior stability and durability: Constructed with thick-walled profiles and durable 4-6 mm polycarbonate panels, this enclosure guarantees a high level of stability and extended durability.
  • Polycarbonate advantage: Unlike glass, polycarbonate is lighter, impact-resistant, and provides UV protection, making it safer, more energy-efficient, and suitable for various climates without sacrificing clarity.
  • Simple operation: Thanks to its sturdy build and single-rail design, the enclosure is easy to operate manually or can be enhanced with an electronic sliding system, including smart remote control.
  • Effective ventilation: Features practical, low-maintenance front ventilation that ensures necessary air circulation while maintaining a safe entrance into the pool.
  • Increased security: Lockable catchers increase the safety of the pool, protecting it even against extreme wind conditions.
  • Innovative Wheel System: The PRESTIGEline features an advanced wheel system with options for dual or single-rail configurations. Each segment includes up to eight wheels, equipped with high-quality stainless steel bearings, ensuring smooth, precise movements and reduced rolling resistance for easier operation.
  • Windproof Plates: Our windproof plates are crucial for preventing the enclosure from lifting during strong wind gusts, protecting it from potential bending and damage. These plates are made from high-quality stainless steel, designed to withstand substantial loads without bending.
  • High-Quality Rubber Sealing: Unlike common silicone seals, we use high-quality rubber seals known for their high elasticity, which ensures a long-lasting, tight seal even in adverse weather conditions, preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the enclosure.
  • 120° Corner Joint: Utilizing specialized saw technology, we create a precise and aesthetically pleasing 120° corner joint that eliminates the need for covers or other visually disruptive elements, enhancing the overall design continuity.
  • Ease of Retraction: For added convenience, this enclosure can be equipped with a segment collector, allowing for the simple unlocking and retraction of the outer segments, facilitating a faster and more efficient operation process.


The Diamant PRESTIGEline pool enclosure not only embodies modern design and functionality but also integrates several advanced technological features, making it a top choice for enhancing any pool space with style, safety, and convenience.

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