Tentative Costing

Modern Diamant PRESTIGEline pool cover

  • 20. january 2021

We designed this enclosure to match today’s needs and especially the trends of modern architecture. The system is equipped with a single rail on one side which allows barrier-free access to the pool from 3 sides with minimal effort thanks to the substantial and stable construction.
The discrete PRESTIGEline cover won’t disrupt the layout of your garden and will harmoniously
blend with the surroundings.

Advantages of Diamant PRESTIGEline enclosure:

  • modern and sophisticated design
  • single-rail sliding
  • high-level stability
  • easy operation

This enclosure can be equipped with a collector of individual segments. In such case, it is only necessary to manually unlock the arresting of the outside segments when retracting the enclosure. Therefore, the operation of the enclosure is much easier and faster.


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