Tentative Costing


  • 20. january 2021

The high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel used for Diamant INOXline swimming pools offers a whole range of excellent production options and guarantees long lifespan, maximum stability and durability.
The steel known as “Austenitic stainless steel” is an alloy of several metals, such as chromium, nickel, carbon and molybdenum.
It is a multifunctional material that gives the pool a fresh, luxurious and modern look and is an ideal choice for outdoor use.
The corrosion resistance of stainless steel, its easy maintenance and pleasing appearance make it an ideal base material for pool use. In addition, it is 100% recyclable. It excels in reduced maintenance costs and guarantees easy operation without loss of quality.

  • Modern, exclusive and clean desing
  • Time-proven technology and long operation life
  • Long service life without loss of quality
  • Hygienic, smooth and nonporous surface with antibacterial effect
  • Color fastness and high mechanical and thermal resistance
  • Easy maintenance and low cost operation
  • Green choice - Suistainability

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