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Get the most out of your pool. More efficient, less expensive, and with no need to conform to the weather. Our wide range of shapes and colour options will ensure that the enclosure blends in with your garden. In today’s age, pool enclosures are a must-have feature of pools. The current weather conditions being one of the main reasons, the enclosure will considerably prolong the pool bathing season and increase the value of investing into the pool. The pool enclosure is resistant to water, dampness and is low-maintenance.

Our seasoned technicians will propose the best solution and tailor the enclosure to fit your specific needs on site and FREE OF CHARGE.

Advantages of Diamant Enclosures

Water Quality

Prevents water fouling, protects against dust, leaves, and insects.


Prevents children or pets falling into the pool.

Energy Saving

Reduces costs of water heating, prevents heat loss, helps to effectively heat the water – the “greenhouse effect”.

Season Extension

Prolongs the bathing season by several months and allows the use of the pool even in bad weather.


A wide range of shapes and colour options of profiles and panelling.

Why choose the pool enclosure from Diamant?

Uniqueness of Diamant Enclosures

  • 10-year warranty for the enclosure construction
  • solid and durable construction suitable even for mountain conditions
  • design tailored to the exact customer requirements
  • patented system of electrical and remotely controlled retraction

Your selection should take into account the following

  • the pool has a solid and durable construction suitable even for higher altitudes
  • the pool rails are the colour of the enclosure and lower than 15 mm

Diamant Prestige line

Contemporary modern design

Contemporary modern design and ambitious feature. The new generation of pool enclosures with cutting-edge and pure design. Very easy to open due to high degree of stability, discreet and almost invisible. One-side track cares for a comfortable acces to Your pool from three sides.

The discrete PRESTIGEline enclosure won’t disrupt the layout of your garden and will harmoniously blend in with surroundings.

More information

Enclosure Models



Maximum Emphasis on Design

The lowest possible shapes of the enclosure with transparent glass edges will ensure an unimpeded view of the pool surroundings.



Low yet Functional

This discreet type of enclosure is suitable for situations when it is required not to disrupt an existing architecturally-balanced landscape of the garden and pool surroundings, while all advantages of an enclosed pool remain.

Symfonie Plus

Symfonie Plus

Practical Choice

If you can’t decide, choose a combination of a higher Diamant Praktik enclosure and low Diamant Symfonie model.



True Classic

Simplicity and great strength – main features of this classic type of enclosure. Its design is suitable even for heavy-snow weather conditions.

Automatic Enclosure Sliding Rail

Automatic Enclosure Sliding Rail

Exclusively from Diamant

An electrical sliding including a smart remote control can be installed extra to any type of manual pool enclosure.

Maximum Quality

  • electrical sliding ensures optimal retraction of individual segments

Maximum Safety

  • all segments lock automatically upon sliding
  • safety stop (stopping at obstacle)

Maximum Comfort

  • electrical sliding of all segments with a single click of a button on your remote control
Automatic Enclosure Sliding Rail
Automatic Enclosure Sliding Rail
Automatic Enclosure Sliding Rail

Entries and tilting front door

Enclosure entry options

You can choose your enclosure entry according to your own expectations.

Entries and tilting front door