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Pools with Overflow Drain

Pools with Overflow Drain

Main Advantages of Overflow Diamant Premium Pools

Thanks to their precision and exclusive design, the Diamant pools with an overflow rim are a very frequent choice for interior constructions.

  • levelled water surface (the water level reaches the top edge of the pool)
  • there is no water level line on the pool wall
  • more efficient cleaning and recirculation of water
Overflow Pools

We are the only Czech manufacturer offering a 10-year warranty for our pools.

Overflow Pools

We are committed to using maximum quality materials, technologies, and performance during the construction.

Overflow Pools

You can choose the size and shape of the pool yourself. We don’t limit your choices to a standardised range of pools.

Overflow Pools

Our unique design and manufacture makes us a leader in the market.

Overflow Pools
Overflow Pools
Overflow Pools

Pool models Diamant

We supply the following designs of overflow pools:


Classic Pool Design

Diamant More on Diamant Pools

Diamant Elite

deluxe model intended for demanding users

Diamant Elite More on Diamant Elite Pools

Coping for overflow pools

The luxury of having the water surface levelled with the top edge of the pool – a reason to opt for the overflow Diamant pool.

But it is not merely about the first-rate design. Thanks to their design removing and filtering the debris evenly along the entire pool perimeter, the overflow pools are very efficient in terms of water quality maintenance. Therefore, they are also used in public facilities and commercial establishments.

Aluminium Overflow Drain PREMIUM

The only overflow pool on the market with an anodised aluminium rim.

Standard overflow drain

The overflow drain directly connects to the pool wall.

Stainless steel overflow drain

A combination of polished stainless steel and Polystone. An exclusive Diamant Unipool solution. An excellent design feature for interior constructions. On demand only.

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