The exclusive interview about our stainless steel pools and minipools

  • 17. april 2024

In the latest episode of the prestigious Swimmingpool International podcast, our Sales Director, Martin Bednář, spoke about "Exploring the Elegance and Durability of Stainless Steel Pools".

We're excited to share that our Managing Director Sales:, Martin Bednar, was recently interviewed on the renowned SwimmingPool International Podcast. In this insightful episode, hosted by Angela Herrmann, International Sales Manager at Behncke, and Michael Visser, Export Manager at Schmalenberger, Martin delves into the growing popularity and innovative design of high-quality stainless steel pools and mini pools.

Stainless steel pools boast a sleek, timeless design and exceptional durability against frost, heat, and UV damage, making them ideal for any setting. They offer lasting luxury with their robust construction. The episode also explores the trend of mini stainless steel pools, which deliver luxury in a compact form, perfect for smaller spaces.

Tune in to discover more about these elegant solutions and how they can transform your outdoor spaces. Listen to the full conversation here: Swimmingpool International - Listen on Spotify - Linktree

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