SKYline - new extra-flat real glass pool enclosure

  • 16. november 2023

After years of development, Diamant Unipool unveiled SKYline, the real glass, ultra-low pool enclosure with telescopic movement, at the world-leading exhibition Piscine Global Europe in Lyon in November 2022.

This super-flat enclosure, with its 4mm, extra-clear, tempered glass and no visible frame on the top panes, will surprise with its functionality and easy handling. Emphasis has been placed on top quality details and smart features that users will appreciate.

The whole project has focused on stylish design and offers an extremely compact and modern, high quality enclosure with a long service life:

  • super-flat and the lowest profile in the Diamant range
  • modern metallic-gray frame
  • no visible frame on top - the glass is mounted on the segment structure
  • extra-clear glass with an elegant black border
  • emphasis on the high quality of the details - annodized CNC aluminium parts

Functionality and easy handling guarantee exceptional luxury:

  • highly resistant to scratches and mechanical damage
  • maximum resistance to hail and other extreme weather conditions
  • single track rail - 65mm wide rail on one side only
  • telescopically retractable segments and catch system for easy operation
  • smooth surfaces for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • the largest segment with openable, bottom-hinged front pane for good ventilation
  • 8 wheels, with stainless steel ball bearings, per segment
  • fully lockable for maximum safety
  • electrically driven (optional)

Technical Specifications:

Width: 240-540 cm
Height: 15-60 cm
Length to: 1340 cm
Snow Load: 70-120 kg/m2

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