DIAMANT Pools with Skimmer

DIAMANT Pools with Skimmer

Perfect Family Garden Pool

The pools with skimmer are definitely the most popular type of pools. These pools are characteristic for their::

  • simple maintenance
  • smooth operation
  • absolute reliability
  • very affordable price

Pool models Diamant

We supply the following designs of classic pools (with skimmer):


Classic Pool Design

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Diamant PRO

Construction with Polystyrene Block Cladding

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Diamant Elite

deluxe model intended for demanding users

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Coping for pools with skimmer

Modern design

While making our pools we keep your comfort in mind. During the production, the pool can be fitted with a design and functional top coping so you no longer have to worry about this technical detail.

Aluminium Coping PREMIUM - exclusive solution

Functional design suitable for pools treated with salt. It is colourfast and resistant to pool chemicals.

A top-mount finish using special coping from anodised aluminium - anti-slip profile which connects to the enclosure rails.

Pools with aluminium coping are provided by aluminium cover.

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