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Diamant PRO Pools

By combining technologies for designing pools from reliable Polystone and special polystyrene fittings used in low-energy house construction, the world of pools has witnessed creation of a unique solution and a brand new idea.

21st Century Pools

Save Your Expenses

Diamant pools are designed to save a maximum of the costs for the construction and subsequent use.

10-Year Warranty

We are confident of our work and therefore offer a 10-year warranty on our pools.

Time-Tested Construction Solutions

We are committed to using maximum quality materials, technologies, and performance during the construction.

Pool Skimmer

The classic pools feature the pool skimmers collecting the water debris into the filtration system. The pool skimmer is integrated directly into the body of the pool.

Anti-Slip Steps

Choose from a wide variety of steps. Step treads made from anti-slip safety material.

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Reinforced Pool Coping

For the perfect pool design, we reinforce the coping to 15 mm or 18 mm.

Reinforcing Ribs

Vertical reinforcing ribs are fitted along the entire Diamant PRO pools.


Polystyrene interlocking blocks (high durability, no need to glue or otherwise secure the blocks to the pool wall)

Diamant PRO Pools

Latest Technologies for Pool Construction

This pool construction is based on a complete pool frame which, when manufactured, is directly fitted with strengthening styroblocks with fixed locks, fixed permanent shuttering, along the entire pool perimeter, including the horizontal reinforcing steel.

The advantage of this Diamant PRO pool is that it is delivered in one compact piece on site.

Once partially filled with water, the styrbolocks will be concreted with a semi-liquid concrete, thus creating compact pool walls with thermal insulation. The entire pool is surrounded by soil.

Offer of Our Diamant PRO Pools

We offer the following types of the Diamant Pool PRO design.

Pool with Skimmer

Construction with Polystyrene Block Cladding

Pool with Skimmer

Main Advantages of Diamant PRO Pools

  • time-tested concrete blocks/styroblocks with very sturdy connecting locks
  • lower construction costs – the polystyrene blocks are fitted in concrete directly on the pool body, the need for manual walling or concreting the pool into a wider concrete excavation is eliminated
  • the double thermal insulation and related thermal insulation features will prolong the pool bathing season
  • long operation life
  • colourfast, non-permeable material
  • resistance to chemicals and UV radiation
  • health safety
  • resistance to mechanical damage


Diamant PRO Square

Diamant PRO Square

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