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Diamant Pools

Pool Skimmer

The classic pools feature the pool skimmers collecting the water debris into the filtration system. The pool skimmer is integrated directly into the body of the pool.

Anti-Slip Steps

Choose from a wide variety of steps. Step treads made from anti-slip safety material.

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Reinforcing ribs – every 60 cm

Vertical ribs are fitted along the entire pool. The ribs ensure the stability and durability of the pool walls.

Reinforced Pool Coping

For the perfect pool design, we reinforce the coping to 15 mm or 18 mm.

Pool Wall Insulation

Pool walls are fitted with non-absorbent 20 mm insulation (non-absorbent extruded polystyrene).


The outer ribs of the pool contain rebars to ensure the durability and stability of the pool after embedding it in concrete.

Diamant Pools

Time-Tested Solutions

10-Year Warranty

As the only Czech manufacturer we provide a guarantee for our pool for 10 years.

Time-Tested Construction Solutions

We are committed to using maximum quality materials, technologies, and performance during the construction.

Pools of Any Shapes and Sizes

You can choose the size and shape of the pool yourself. We don’t limit your choices to a standardised range of pools.

Outstanding Quality

Thanks to the top-quality material and technologies used, the Diamant pools are characteristic for their:

  • long operation life
  • easy construction preparation
  • colourfast, non-permeable material
  • resistance to chemicals and UV radiation
  • health safety
  • resistance to mechanical damage

Our Offer of Diamant Pools

We offer the following types of the Diamant Pool design.

Pool with Skimmer

Classic Pool Design

Pool with Skimmer

Overflow Pool

Classic Pool Design

Overflow Pool

DIAMANT Pools Basic Shapes

Diamant Square

Diamant Square

Diamant Square

Diamant Standart

Diamant Square

Diamant Oval

Diamant Square

Atypical Shape (other shape tailored to customer requirements)

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