REALISATION: Exclusive Model with Premium Equipment - The Elite 22 Garden Overflow Pool for Demanding Customers

  • 17. january 2023

A private pool in your garden can provide the perfect space for relaxation and active rest. And for the most demanding customers, we offer the most luxurious private overflow pool - the Elite 22. This pool is made of polypropylene with top-of-the-line equipment, ensuring a modern and elegant addition to your outdoor space.

The Elite 22 is created using the highest quality materials and perfect workmanship, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. Its timeless gray color blends perfectly with modern stoneware lining, and the water in the pool appears azure, creating an atmosphere of relaxation.

This type of pool has a perfectly tensioned surface over the entire area, creating a tasteful and aesthetic dominant feature of the space. The overall appearance of the overflow pool is enhanced by the height of the water with the edge of the pool, creating the impression of an endless surface. The use of a model with overflow channels ensures optimal water circulation in the filter system, and the innovative Diamant overflow grids allow for faster water drainage and easier removal of dirt.

The Elite 22 garden pool is made of Polystone® polypropylene, a non-porous material that is resistant to sunlight, pool chemicals, and temperatures up to 70°C, ensuring the color of the pool does not fade. PP plates with a thickness of 12mm on the walls and 8mm on the bottom of the pool ensure maximum strength. Additionally, the pool features our latest innovation - vertical ribbing made of durable and lightweight Paneltim® sandwich panels, making it more durable and stable while minimizing the risk of possible irregularities during concreting.

To ensure relaxation and safety, the pool features a salt electrolyzer for water treatment, and an efficient heat pump, allowing the pool to be used at a pleasant water temperature of 28°C until November. The complete automation of the system ensures practically maintenance-free operation.

For the comfort and safety of users, the pool on the pics is equipped with a number of high-end devices for filtration and water treatment. Take a look at what we have hidden in the technical room for this realization:

--- Electrolyzer Zodiac eXO - disinfection device; generates free chlorine from slightly salty water (0.4 g/l) without any intervention
--- Zodiac Dual Link - automatic dosing of Ph
--- V-JET counter current - a strong stream of water enables swimming even in a very short pool
--- Sand filter Cantabric 500 - 9m³ - captures the smallest particles of dirt from the water
--- Circulating pump NAUTILUS 11m³ - ensures proper water circulation in the filter system, intended for salt water
--- RGB LED-LumiPlus Flexi lighting - colored LED lighting controlled by a remote control
--- RAPID 27.5kW INVER-X three-phase heat pump - heat pump with a water-air exchanger for heating water in the pool.

If you are looking for a garden pool manufacturer who will provide you the pool and make your dream come true, contact us. We can offer you a solution perfectly adapted to your needs. With the Elite 22 garden overflow pool, you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere in your own garden day after day.


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