• 9. may 2021

The latest issue of the German magazine Schwimmbad und Sauna (5/6 21) features an interview with Martin Lukáš, the owner of Diamant Unipool, where he talks about the inception of the company's stainless steel pool production and the challenges faced during its realization.

S+S: When did the idea of producing stainless steel pools come about?

ML: We started using stainless steel sheets to create designer top edges for plastic pools about 10 years ago. This solution was popular among customers, and it sparked the idea of exploring stainless steel pool production. We began seriously considering this new production around 2016, believing it to be a trend, but we didn't anticipate its potential.

S+S: What advantages do your products have over competitors?

ML: There are two main advantages.
Firstly, we produce a perfect and aesthetically pleasing product without any welds on the walls up to 10 m in length. We use advanced technological equipment to ensure that the quality of our welds on the pool tub is incomparable to anything else on the market.
Secondly, our sales system is simple and easy to navigate. We understand that if we want to make our product accessible to the wider public, we must first gain the trust and support of our professional partners. This is something that most of our competitors lack.

S+S: What did it take to produce the first finished pool?

ML: We had to construct a brand new production facility that could handle the sheet metal up to 10 m long, which was challenging to equip with the necessary technologies and equipment. We custom-made all our handling equipment, CNC laser, welding machines, press brakes, and welding robot. Being newbies in this field, it was an even more challenging task.

S+S: Who are your target customers for stainless steel pools?

ML: Our entire production spectrum, including polypropylene pools and pool covers, is intended for families and realizations in family home gardens. Our stainless steel pools are targeted towards higher-end customers, but we aim to make them accessible to customers who choose higher-end polypropylene pools.

S+S: Do you plan to replace polypropylene pool production with stainless steel production?

ML: Absolutely not. Polypropylene pool production is what started our company, and we continue to focus on it. We believe that polypropylene pools still have significant potential and advantages, and we are constantly improving our products. We remain at the forefront of polypropylene pool manufacturers and also reach customers who choose polypropylene as a luxury solution for their garden pool.

S+S: What do you expect from the upcoming pool season?

ML: We have significantly increased our production capacities for our long-standing programs (PP pools and roofing). We have observed a growing trend towards top-end models, such as our ELITE series, which feature stronger materials and designs. As for our stainless steel production, we are looking forward to the feedback from this season and hope to stabilize our production processes and increase efficiency. We have already ordered another robotic workplace, and we plan to more than double our current capacity in the first half of the year.


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